Kick Start your Leadership Skills with 7 Daily Practices of Kickbutt Leadership

Are you frustrated? Does your day just happen? Do you wonder if you accomplished anything or did you just task away the day? This is a simple FREE 7 day Course that will instill enduring practices to help you take control, keep you focused, and achieve your goals.  

No Hassle


Once you sign up you will get access to the course. Just log on and do each days lesson. 


Approximately 10 minutes

Each Lesson is delivered in a short easy to follow complete Lesson Plan


Sustainable Changes

Each Lesson you will fill out the a section of your Worksheet. At the end of your course you will have sustainable, enduring daily practices to help you achieve your goals.

Here's What You'll Learn

You will learn techniques that you will practice through-out the day to keep you focused on your goals. You will identify trigger points that will remind you of the technique so that they will become automated for you. You will build on these practices for 7 days and then repeat them three times so that they become enduring habits.

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Stop putting it off. This course is FREE and only takes 10 minutes a day. You know that you need to make changes. Here is the best way to get started. The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it.



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