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About Coni Meyers, LMC, CBLC, CDC

My past consisted of a life philosophy of ‘WORK, WORK, WORK...play’.  In my old life, I was involved in taking two companies from the local market to the national stage.  I also owned four separate consulting firms.  I have been recognized with numerous awards and designations in my 35 years of helping 1000’s of individuals and businesses.

Seven years ago my husband passed away, It was only 4 days after we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. This was my ‘brick wall’ as Oprah describes it. I love the way Oprah talks about those times in our lives when God is trying to direct us in the direction we are supposed to be going. She says, ‘First you are hit with a pebble, then a rock, then a boulder and then a brick wall.’ God was trying to get me on track with my life’s purpose. I tried to return to my old life, but when I would have a conversation with my partners or clients it was like I was having an out of body experience. It just didn’t work.

I found that the ‘WORK, WORK, WORK...play’ philosophy that I had lived by was not something that my heart could get back into.  I knew that I needed to find something that gave me a new purpose... a new passion.  I wanted to know why I was put on this earth.  I now refer to this as a ‘Crystalline Moment’.  I began to realize that I not only wanted to work and make money, but I also wanted to have fun and to give back. That created my new life philosophy of ‘Have Fun, Give Back, Make Money’ in that order. I can assure anyone reading this it is a much better philosophy.

 I had to do what I tell others to do. I had to stop, reflect and determine why I was put on this earth. What was my purpose…my why? Crystalline means ‘sparkly or clear’ so Crystalline Moments are ‘moments of clarity’. I started looking at my life and realized there were moments that had affected my life for over 50 years. I started examining those, as well as many other ‘Crystalline Moments’ that happened after my husband passed. I realized that these moments are put in our path to direct us into our purpose. Each moment helped me step closer into my destiny. Now I am living the life I was put on this beautiful earth to live and enjoy being of service to others. When you look at your own ‘moments’, no matter how difficult or how wonderful they are, you will find the opportunity for your life as well.

 My greatest joy now is watching others turn their dreams into their destiny. That starts with our personal leadership skills and vision. I am most proud of my international bestselling book Crystalline Moments, as it is being read and shared all around the world. It is helping people discover the opportunities their own moments are creating, and helping them step into their purpose, their destiny. I am working on a series of ‘Crystalline Moment’ books that will be devoted to leadership both personally and professionally. My other 2 bestselling books are The Success Chronicles and Resilience in the Storm.

In the last 6 years I have added to my 35 years of experience and credentials. I am a John Maxwell Certified Business and Leadership Coach, a Certified Dreambuilder Coach, and I am most proud of my Life Mastery Consultant Certification. It is similar to having a master’s degree in life coach training

 I offer a number of training courses, retreats, workshops and personal coaching. My exclusive S.O.L.V.E. program is how to… ‘Create true SUCCESS by discovering your OPPORTUNITIES through great LEADERSHIP, VISION and ENGAGEMENT.  This is a 5  module program which can be taken individually or all together. The leadership component I call ‘KICKBUTT LEADERSHIP’. This module teaches 12 practices and techniques that will make you a better leader personally and professionally.

My retreats not only serve the attendees, but always include giving back to others. My last retreat in Mexico affected over 250 lives. Whether it is a small intimate retreat in my backyard or a large international retreat everyone participating is a part of my ‘Give Back’ philosophy.

 I founded the Crystalline Moments Success Movement to bring people together to share their ‘moments of clarity’ in both their personal or professional lives. What better way to change the world than changing our lives and in turn changing the lives around us. I love the difference that is being made by people who read my books and the people I meet and serve.

 Please reach out to me at ConiMeyers.com or [email protected].  You can also find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/conikmeyers.  



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